Once you’ve downloaded our free app it will take you to the customer login page. At the bottom of the screen you will see an option to be taken to the professional’s side of the app. The app will take you through the registration process and help you set up your business profile. You will also find a grey banner that will take you to pro side in the left side navigation menu.

We need to validate your business license number, EIN or Tax ID number, and you’ll need your banking information to fill out your payment settings. All this information is kept secure and not shared with anyone, they are for our validation purposes only.

A customer can only book you if you’ve sent them a quote with all the details filled out. Make sure to fill in the start date that you and the customer agreed upon as well as any details regarding the job. There is also a very flexible fill-in box to include anything else required for a full and thorough contract between you and your customer. See our tutorial video on Accepting Leads and Getting Paid.

No. This is a serious violation of the terms and conditions you approve when you register as a ClipCall pro. We have a very strict policy where this kind of violation is concerned. The reason for this is that if any communication occurs outside the app we are unable to monitor or reference interactions (phone/video/chat) leaving us unable to protect you in case of a dispute. For your benefit and protection it is required that you keep all phone calls, messaging, video chats, and payments within the scope of the app. We are committed to making this a safe marketplace for you.

Our quote form may not be as detailed as the one you have been using but we do give you a very flexible details and notes section so that you can type in whatever details or information needed for the contract between you and your customer.  We cannot allow individual companies’ quotes to be given out to customers because this cannot be tracked in our records and in case of dispute we will have no way to back you up. This is our commitment to you.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid. Our commitment to you is a free service to get leads, customers, and book jobs hassle-free. We take a 10% service fee once you have finished the job and money has been transferred to you.

There are many things you can do to increase the amount of leads coming your way. You can widen the radius of the area you are willing to work in, add more expertise to your list of services as long as you are qualified to handle them, add more information to beef up your business profile, and then there is your ClipCall Quality Score which is a large factor in how many videos you are seeing.  Not all videos go to all pros. Priority goes to pros with the higher ClipCall Quality Scores. The more information you can put in your business profile the higher your score will be. Your quality score is also based on many metrics and measurements, like your response time and customer satisfaction ratings.

Once your job is completed it will take 3-5 business days for your money to be available in your account.

We have a very strict no-show policy you will have 24 hours to get in touch with the customer and us to report a no-show and give valid reason for breaking your commitment to the customer. There will be a $100 fine as penalty for such occurrences.

If there are any extra expenses that were unforeseeable when writing up the quote for your customer, they can always pay you extra money through the app using the “Pay Your Pro” feature in their left side navigation menu. If another part is needed or the customer asked you to take care of another project while you were at their location, this feature will help you make sure you get paid for all your hard work.See our tutorial video on Accepting Leads and Getting Paid for instructions on how to use the “Pay Your Pro” feature.

If the area you are willing to cover is not a very large radius this will limit the amount of videos that come your way, as well as if you are only qualified for one type of service. Naturally, covering a larger area or being qualified to do other services will mean more leads will be available to you. You should also note that not all leads go to all pros. Priority goes to pros with the higherClipCall Quality Score. Your Quality Score is based on many metrics and measurements, like response time, your business profile, and customer satisfaction ratings.

If it is your first job with us, the payment takes approx takes 5 business days to reflect in your account.  This is a one time process as our payment partner requires verification of all the information that you were asked to provide during registration. Your second job onwards the transfer is made within 2-3 business days.

We are a cashless marketplace app. The payment for your services is made thru deposit to your bank account.  When the customer books a job,  the money is taken from his account and put in an escrow, after the job is completed and reviewed by the client it is then transferred from the escrow to your account.