Get Cash Now!


It’s simple to take part in ClipCall’s $50 Bonus Cash Event!

Just use our app to communicate with and get paid by your clients, and we’ll add an extra $50 to every qualifying client payment for you!*

Here’s how to get $50 every time you paid through the ClipCall app:

Service Professional


Use ClipCall to communicate through mobile video with your customer for their project
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Have the customer pay you through the “Pay The Pro” feature with their credit or debit card*

For the event period, there is no limit to a number of times you can get the bonus $50! Get started today and make the most of this limited time opportunity!

*To qualify: Customer must not be a lead sent from the ClipCall network; payment amount must be a minimum of $150; job must be paid during the event period; ClipCall reserves the right to extend or shorten the event period as necessary.