What To Do In Case Of Emergencies

You have chosen to partner with ClipCall to connect with great customers.

Would you leave your partner in the dark when you can’t make something work?

No, you’d get in touch to see if they can help you when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

That is what this partnership is about too! 

Reaching out to the case manager, your ClipCall Success Manager, or even just shooting a message through Live Support are all great ways to notify the team that something is up. 

So, in the case of an emergency, what do you do? 

Step #1: Reach out to the customer.

Let them know why you’re unable to meet the appointment time you two agreed on. You owe them a good reason and some follow-up options for how you plan to make it up to them. Rescheduling can be simple and easy, the sooner you reach out to the customer. 

Tip: Calling through the app is a great way to reach a customer quickly! (tap the phone icon in the bottom right-hand corner)

Step #2: Reach out to ClipCall.

Call us, message us, email us, even smoke signals will do! We can’t help you unless you let us know what’s going on. All our emails have direct contact information and will reach someone and your Live Support channel is available directly in your app’s menu. Keep us in the loop and we can help you get a hold of your customer!

Tip: We take NO-SHOWS very seriously. Behavior like this can result in fines and account closures. So let someone know what’s going on. 

Step #3: Make it up to them. 

If you let a customer know that your earlier meeting ran late, make sure you give them an accurate estimation of when you will be able to make it to them. If you have to reschedule completely, be early to that rescheduled appointment. Show them you mean business and care about customer service by meeting the expectations you set. Customers can be very forgiving, you just have to give them a reason to still want to give you that great review. 

Tip: The earlier you let a customer and ClipCall know of an emergency, the better and more professional you look.


 Life happens: it’s how you react that sets you apart from the amateurs out there.

August 18, 2017

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