Best Ways to Improve Your Quality Score and ClipCall Rating

Learning how to improve your scores and ratings with ClipCall takes your business to the next level!

What can you do to improve your rating and score?


Become The Priority!

With so many demands on service professionals, you deserve to be the priority once in a while, too! The app calculates your app activity to determine who are the cream of the crop and then rewards them appropriately.


The High Score Board!

The higher the score, the better the app. If you’re feeling like you wish you could get more from ClipCall, take a look at your rating and score. This may be the reason. Those lower scores get less, it’s as simple as that. Fewer requests with less payout potential. If you don’t take the time to keep your score up by staying active, reaching out to customers, and booking jobs then the app isn’t going to push you to the front of the line.



How does the app reward those who keep their scores up, do quality work, represent themselves and ClipCall well, and leave customers smiling and happy??? With more customer requests and better jobs! The higher ticket items are going to those the app can rely on to get the job done right. If you want more of a chance at the better jobs, learn all you can about your Quality Score, your ratings, and what you can do to improve them.

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I’ll be happy to coach any pro that is interested in working towards improving their score.
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August 4, 2017

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