Communications: Best Practices

Communication is the key to any relationship!


I’m sure you know this about your personal life, so why should your business life be any different?
Your customers want that same kind of consistent communication.
And so do your business partners at ClipCall

Without communication, things fall through the cracks.
Misunderstandings happen and opportunities to close a job and book a customer can die or go horribly wrong.
This is why we’re taking the time to focus on:


Here are some great ways you can think deeper about your communications with customers.

“Discuss This Job”

Did you hit “Discuss this job” but forget to take the next step?

Ask a question right away or send a quote!

But make sure you are clear on the project details before sending a quote. This creates clear lines of communication going forward.

Make A House Call Or Remote Visit

Utilize video calling by setting up a time that works for both you and your customer to connect about project details.
Remote house calls save time and money.

Or coordinate a visit to see it in person. Remember to add details back in Chat to keep communications and your contract up to date. 

Don’t forget to send the official quote, other wise the customer cannot book you!

Request For Information

If you haven’t updated your Chat Log after a house call the app will remind you to put in the details of your visit.

Prompt communication with our team is important too. Keep business flowing smoothly and keep yourself protected by responding to any requests for information from the ClipCall team.

Follow Ups

Haven’t heard from the customer in a while?
Check back in the app to make sure no messages were missed on a regular basis. If you haven’t received a response, ask them to update you on where they are in their process. We suggest visiting your “in contact” and “quoted” sections daily to see how you can further the process along for better booking rates.




Using communication as the 1-2-PUNCH!

You’ve booked the job, now what?

After a booking, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of updating your customer.

Keeping up your communication is key to a smooth and successful project, good reviews, and repeat business!

And don’t forget to keep ClipCall in the loop too!

Without keeping up on communications after booking customer can feel left in the dark and like all they are to you is a $.

If you want that good review and repeat customers who send private exclusive projects your way, I suggest you read below.


Make sure you’ve scheduled a time with your customer if they booked you before you had a chance to discuss availability.
Following up and confirming is extra important, here.

Don’t forget to keep them posted on your arrival times.

If you’re going to be late, let them know.

If there’s a chance for a change in plans, let them know.

If you’re there and knocking on the door, let them know.

This app is mobile, you can use it anywhere and anytime.  

 Additional Quotes 

Make sure your customers are aware if this is an estimate booking. Communicate to them that there may be an additional quote for the remainder of the work once you’ve seen the project in person. Confirming this ahead of time solves any confusion later on.

 Bumps In The Road 

Don’t forget about ClipCall!
If any unforeseen snafus come up, make sure you get in touch. That is exactly what we are here for and we will be happy to help you get through any hiccoughs that might come up. Not every job can go perfectly, but we are here to help smooth out those kinks a long the way.

We’re in this together!
Let us help you!
Your success is our success!

Pretty simple, need more mantras to live by?

July 7, 2017

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