How do your ratings look?

Did you know customers are rating you and your work?

Knowing what they rate you on once you’ve finished a job, gives you the advantage!


After a project has been completed, customers are sent a survey to approve releasing your payment to you and to rate you as a professional. This allows us to ensure that everyone is walking away happy from a project well done.

Ratings are on a scale, 1 to 5. 
The average of your ratings is not only calculated into your ClipCall Quality Score,
but is also listed directly under your company name, on your profile, and in a customer’s project overview screen.

Customers rate you from 1 to 5 stars on the following:

Quality of work

Is your work done well, thoroughly, with attention to details and craftsman ship? Customers are rating you on their overall satisfaction with the end result of the project.

It’s important to only quote the job when you’re confident about your ability to do the work. No customer will fault you for walking away from a project if you realize you’re in over your head. Just make sure you communicate that to the customer.

Customer Service

Are you pleasant, polite, and a good communicator? With these stars, customers are rating your communication style and what it was like to interact with you.

Patrick Long has some great tips to keep in mind for how to make the customer feel like you are going above and beyond, a true customer service star! Watch the webinar!


Basically, customers want to know they are getting an accurate value of service for their money. Is your pricing fair and accurate for the amount of work done?

Do as Patrick Long says and “make sure you build value upfront”. If you explain to the customer how much work goes into accomplishing their goals and to their expectations before seeing the price, they will more than likely agree that anything you price is a good deal. Watch the webinar!


Some customers need work to be done on the weekends and some need week day appointments. How flexible were you in being able to accommodate their scheduling needs?

It’s always good to gauge, ahead of time, whether your customer needs the job done ASAP or if they’re flexible on timing before you start talking schedule. That way you prevent issues or misunderstandings when it comes to setting the appointment.

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May 27, 2017

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