Meet our newest team member: ClipCall Bot

ClipCall Bot

Meet ClipCall Bot!

Many of you have noticed our new employee in your chat logs with customers.

The newest member of our team is geared up and ready to assist you in gaining more bookings!

Here are some FAQs about ClipCall Bot:

What does ClipCall bot do? 

ClipCall Bot was brought in to ultimately help ClipCall pros! By sending messages to customers and yourselves ClipCall Bot keeps everyone on track with reminders and follow-ups to get back in the app and answer messages or phone calls that fell through the cracks.

How does ClipCall bot work?

With a smart sense for analyzing keywords and phrases ClipCall Bot sends private messages to a customer or pro directly in the chat log.

Sometimes ClipCall Bot gets it wrong, so please feel free to share your feedback if we need to have a “recalibration conversation” with our bot.

What does ClipCall bot like?

Long walks on the beach and seeing you, pros, succeed!

Can I have ClipCall bot’s phone number?

No, ClipCall Bot is just a bot, after all. It doesn’t understand your direct responses.
So talking back to ClipCall Bot only makes you look silly, since most messages are private (your customers can’t see the message that you see). ClipCall Bot probably won’t understand your messages, anyway.
And besides, ClipCall Bot is spoken for.

May 24, 2017

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