Top 7 Best Practices for Making House Calls

A picture is worth a thousands words.
But what happens when a thousand words aren’t enough?

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ClipCall gives you Remote House Call Technology

Using our video calling feature can save you time, energy, gas, and other expenses. This is why we’ve given you the technology to video call your customers through the app and help them show you exactly what you need to see to understand the full scope of the project.

We understand that even with a Remote House Call you still may need to go out and see it all in person sometimes, so here are our top tips for making the house call!

Top 7 Best Practices for Making House Calls 

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Give Them Options

Give the customer options for how they can get the issue fixed.
This gives them the power to choose and makes them feel in control of the situation, customers like that!

Avoid Multiple Trips

Bring the tools you might need with you to the house call. This allows you to avoid having to come back with a new appointment to do the work.

Once you’ve agreed on pricing with the customer, shoot your official quote through the app, right then. Your customer can book you that same moment and you’ll be ready to get started!

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Human Connection

Put your best foot forward! Make a CONNECTION! Seeing your face, getting to know who you are, and maybe having a laugh all builds trust with your customers. As much as we humans enjoy the convenience of the internet and apps, customers still crave that human, face-to-face interaction.

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First Impressions

First impressions are what it’s all about. When showing up for a house call, take the opportunity to build trust and rapport with your customer. People tend to be more willing to book and spend more money with people they know. So give them a chance to get to know you and take advantage of the time you spend in their home.

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Up-front Fees

Let the customer know about any fees associated with your visit up-front. Absorbing the fee into the final price for the work is a great way to get customers to agree to house call fees and ultimately book you. With our new Additional Quotes feature you can give them another quote for the remaining cost of the job. They can pay and you can get to work.

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Be On Time

Showing up on time shows reliability and professionalism. Being late sends a RED FLAG to the customer and you don’t want to do that before you’ve even booked the job. Make the extra effort for that house call and you’ll probably book the job.

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Bookings = Security

Ask your customers to book you if it looks like your house call is turning into an official job appointment. Once they’ve hit book, they’ve paid money, they have invested in you! And they will more likely be patient, should anything come up for you. A difference of only 10 minutes can make a customer decide to hire another pro or postpone the project altogether.

Make sure you are booked before you go out to do the work. Being booked means your money is set aside for you and your customer can’t decide to pass last minute.

Keep these top tips in mind, get out there, and best of luck!

May 23, 2017