How ClipCall Brings The Customers To You

Our system incorporates machine learning and AI to continue to grow and build as more and more customers and pros get involved with ClipCall.

Not only does our system measure and track who are the best responders and bookers like with your ClipCall Quality Scores it also tracks what kind of services customers are asking for.

The first time a customer puts in a service category, when looking for a pro to hire for their project, the system remembers it and automatically starts to collect data on that service category. The platform will then decide based on metrics and data to send that customer’s request out as what they asked for or a category the systems already knows, which might be similar.

So, a customer might put in window washer and the system might send it out as window service.

or a customer might put in air conditioning and the system will bring up HVAC.

So if you take the time to check and see what categories are available to add to your service category list, you might find that there are some categories that your are missing in your business profile. Search key words and the system will bring up the categories it has on file. The more, the better!

So update your categories settings for your business profile in the app now and make sure you don’t miss a single opportunity!

March 24, 2017

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