ClipCall Quality Score Coaching: Response Time

Now that you’ve read about our new ClipCall Quality Score
we wanted to give you some pointers on how to raise your scores and keep them high
in order to get the most out of ClipCall.

ClipCall Quality Score Coaching: Response Time

One of the major components of your Quality Score is your response time.
But this isn’t just measured by your responses to video leads, this is your response time across the board.

Here are some helpful things you can remember to do in order to keep that Response Time score up:

  • After you watch the video don’t forget to hit the “Take This Job!” button
  • Follow up on messages in your chats with all your customers regularly
  • Be sure to return all missed phone calls
  • Provide detailed and thorough quotes as soon as you are clear on your estimate
    TIP: A little description makes your quotes go a long way. Add a little about what’s included for the money you’re asking customers to pay in the write-in section of your quote. Help them understand what the quote is based on. This builds immense trust between you two. Quotes that don’t have any description or follow-up explanation, in fact, do the opposite. Remember it’s quality, not quantity.

All of this gets factored into your ClipCall Quality Score. So stay on top of those projects and customers. If you haven’t heard from them in a while, check in and see what you can do. Your business is only as good as your customer service. We promise, it’s not the toilet, refrigerator, or carpet that’s going to call you back next time they need something.

November 22, 2016

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