ClipCall Quality Score – Deeper Trust and Better Matches


We are dedicated to building the best and most trusted app for service professionals and customers to meet and do business together. Unfortunately, there are a lot of amateurs out there who are diluting this effort and negatively impacting our pro community.

We hear and understand this pain point, getting beat out by unreasonably low prices with poor quality work.
So let’s get rid of them!

The successful apps in our space have a secret sauce – trust.
We aim to get rid of the negative influencers and empower the positive to build trusting relationships with all our users, pro and customer alike.
In order to build these trusting relationships we took the time to understand the process you, as our users, go through.
Our system manages the entire process from quote research to successful project completion, measuring and ranking each and every step a long the way.

Introducing our ClipCall Quality Score!

Our ClipCall Quality Score will take these rankings and measurements and analyze them in a way that customers and pros can gain from it, ultimately creating a more trustworthy and fair marketplace for all!

What is measured and ranked to make up your ClipCall Quality Score?

Business profile  More details have been added to your business profile in order to help you win those jobs. We’ll be requiring your profiles be fully updated in the coming weeks.

Response time – We are constantly measuring the average time it takes you to respond to leads we send your way. We expect that every customer will get timely responses to their questions and/or concerns. We measure other things as well, like how long you take to provide quotes and how many times you were booked (we don’t care about the size of the job as long as everyone walks away happy). 

Customer ratings  A satisfaction rating system will be newly available to customers once we launch. These will also be considered in establishing your rank. 

Our objective is to work with the best pros out there. We don’t have to work with everyone and only want the best in our network. The pros that do not meet our minimum ClipCall Quality Score will be let go. Lower scoring pros will get less leads and less appealing jobs.

So keep the communication up and the customers happy! This will ensure you have the first opportunity to pick the best leads that come through our marketplace.

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