How ClipCall can help with the questions raised by My Domaine

ClipCall has put a lot of effort into its business profiles for the companies that use the platform. For starters, ClipCall accounts are directly tied to one phone number, eliminating fake companies and fake price quotes. We have license and insurance details listed on each business profile for each and every professional in our system. In addition, we include any criminal record information, note if they are bonded, and challenge the online scams and fake online presence with behavioral profiles for each professional. That’s how ClipCall takes it one step further! By collecting information on past behaviors and interactions with past customers and projects, we know more or less how the professional will behave with future customers and projects. This data then goes into calculating a quality score that is listed on each professional’s business profile so customers have additional insight into who they are hiring to work for them and bring into their homes.

ClipCall makes it easier to know  you’re getting the most “bang for your buck”. As a consumer, you are provided flat-rate quotes by various professionals via the app – no more waiting for a call-back or having to meet in person first. Flat-rate quotes provide the best value and understanding about what you are getting from the get-go. Once you learn about the value offerings and price ranges in your area, you can decide who will be the best fit.

Unlike other home improvement apps which act only as a referral service, ClipCall establishes trust between the homeowner and service professional for complex and custom projects before they even meet. It is the first platform in the space to digitize the entire workflow and communications between the homeowner and the home improvement professional, applying proprietary algorithms to analyze over 40 distinct signals or data points to enhance each transaction.  Examples of signals used to determine the quality of the contractor include whether quote changes are made on-site, late arrivals or no shows, booking rates, in-app response times, high homeowner ratings for specific projects, etc.

By profiling service professionals through their actions in a series of previous transactions, ClipCall generates a Pro Quality Score for internal evaluation of the professional before matching them with a homeowner.  Professionals who don’t achieve a minimal score are removed from the service.  The score is designed to be a much more reliable predictor of project success versus homeowner reviews on Yelp and home improvement referral apps, which can be manipulated by the professional or may only show anomalous disgruntled homeowners.

ClipCall guarantees that everything discussed in the app with a professional is recorded. This way if anything comes up you can reference your conversations and agreements back in the app. Also, when you pay through the ClipCall app, payment is held in escrow until the work has been completed. We guarantee that your money is kept safe until you approve payment transfer. We understand that this process can have its frustrations, and we want our customers to know that we are on their side, ready to back them up!

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ClipCall FAQs

Use ClipCall to make a short video describing your needs, and we’ll connect you with professionals in your area. You can either connect with someone you’ve used before by sharing the app, or we can help you find someone new, by matching your location and needs to service providers in your area..

Nothing. ClipCall is completely free to use for consumers. All you have to pay is for the service to the professional you hire. 

Download our free app to your phone and follow the prompts and instructions you see on your screen. The app will guide you along the way.

Anyone. ClipCall works with all kinds of professionals—designers, plumbers, lawyers, movers, painters, and electricians, just to name a few. You can also tell any of your favorite previously hired providers about ClipCall so you can use it to show them what you need the next time you require their services.

This may vary. If you have a favorite pro, they will get notified first, Otherwise, up to 5 new service providers will contact you. You can always decide when to stop receiving new inquiries by swiping the project closed or relaunch your project, if you want more.

Simply put, the best professionals in your area. ClipCall works with all kinds of pros—handymen, masons, movers, decorators, and installers, just to name a few. Each pro is vetted and ranked by our unique algorithms to make sure you are getting the best service providers out there. We call it our ClipCall Quality Score, which ranks our pros based on things like their response rate and customer satisfaction ratings.

Your contact details are never exposed to professionals until you choose to book them for a project. See our Privacy Policy page for more information.

It’s easy to share ClipCall with professionals you already have a relationship with. Tell them about the app by using the “Share With Friends” feature in your menu or next time you speak with them suggest using the app. In the pro menu they will find ways to request a video of your problem from you or set up a remote house call with you through the use of our video conferencing feature.

It’s our goal to have professionals contact you as soon as they see your request. If you submit a request outside of working hours, such as late at night or on weekends, you might not get a call until the next business day unless the professional has specified 24/7 service. Working hours are set by each professional; we match you with someone available immediately whenever possible.

You can easily share ClipCall with anyone by going to your left side navigation menu and selecting “Share with friends”.

No, it’s your choice. ClipCall helps you get in touch with pros quickly and easily. By sharing your needs with a recorded or real-time video these capabilities help to get all the information and feedback you need to decide who’s the best fit for you. Ultimately nothing is binding until you hit the “Book” button and book a pro.

Our payment system is one of the most secure systems for accepting credit card payments and transferring money. For your security, we can’t allow cash payments. When you hit “Book” on a pros quote you will be asked to put in your credit card information then. Your money goes into escrow with us and is saved and secure until the work is done. Once the project is completed by the pro you hired and you have given us your approval, payment is released. We will be in touch as soon as the job is done to see how it went for you. If we do not get approval from you after 24 hours, we will assume all went well and release the money to your pro.

You can turn off your request for pros simply by swiping your project to the left.

There are several different reasons why your project might not end up getting any responses from pros: if there are no pros available to do the job in the specified area, the project came in miss-categorised, or the video lacks enough detail for a pro to understand what the customer is looking for. If any of these are the case we will work with you to help you relaunch your project or take another video. We are committed to helping you get your home projects done hassle-free.

The best videos have all the pertinent details a pro might need to know about the project. Speaking loud and clear when sharing your experience with the problem or what you would like to have done is most important. Be sure to share any noises you are hearing or what your expectations are for a job well done. Do you already have the parts or materials needed to complete the job? Make sure to show those as well and let the pro know. When do you need it done by? All this makes it easier and faster for pros to get in touch and send you a quote.

As long as you cancel your booking with your Pro at least 24 business hours in advance of the start date written in the quote agreed upon between you and your pro, you can receive a full refund (less a 3% processing fee). If cancellation happens less than 24 business hours from the start date there is a 10% cancellation fee calculated from the total cost of the project in order to compensate the Pro for any losses they will be subject to due to the cancellation. To cancel, you can contact our Live Support, found in your left side navigation menu, to chat with someone who can help you. Ultimately, you must cancel directly with the Pro you hired through the app to initiate the cancellation process. See our Cancellation Policy page for more information. Larger jobs or scopes of work are subject to the terms and conditions stated in our policy. 

We have a very serious “No-Show” policy, should something like this occur with a pro we subtract a penalty from their account and refund your money. See our Cancellation Policy page for more information.

As much as we’d like to say they don’t, sometimes things do go wrong. Should this happen, you can be sure that we have your back. As long as all communication, interactions, and payments are made through the app the ClipCall team will review your case for a complete, 100% satisfied, resolution. You are backed for up to $10,000 so no need to worry about anything, we’ve got you covered. See our Guarantee Policy page to learn all about it.