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The best way to keep up your home and living space.

Homeownership can be tough on a person and their wallet. The to-do list can feel never-ending and it can be hard to keep up. ClipCall VIP helps you stay on top of the list and makes sure you’re covered for the surprises that come with homeownership.
Membership includes perks and features that will put your homeowner’s stress to rest.
Start your VIP Membership by looking for the Prime payment options in your latest quote.
Watch the video and read below to get in on all the perks of ClipCall VIP!

For just $9.95/month you get access to the following ClipCall services:
VIP Discounts

Depending on the price of your booking members will receive up to 10% off each project. Who doesn’t love a little discount?

VIP Financing

A member can choose to book a service and pay in full or choose to finance it with ClipCall. When you choose to finance a project, you will get the price adjusted for up to 12 months of equal payments with no fees or interest. Prior credit is not required to be eligible for financing with ClipCall VIP. As long as you are a ClipCall VIP member you can continue to pay off your home services over the course of the next year. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when an unforeseen expense shows up anymore.

Emergency Services

Book one of VIP’s emergency home services through ClipCall and members will get a reimbursement of $99.00 per service. Member’s also enjoy free inspections throughout the year.

Emergency services eligible for VIP reimbursement include:

  • home lockout
  • clogged toilet
  • leaky faucet
  • garage door rescue
  • broken window glass repair

Free member inspections with VIP include:

  • Smoke detector inspection
  • Carbon monoxide detector inspection
  • Gas leak inspection
  • Home security checkup
  • Chimney inspection
  • Irrigation system checkup
Personal Account Manager

It’s always nice to have someone keeping an eye on your home for you. Our ClipCall VIP personal account managers are here to help you get the most out of ClipCall. Should anything come up, we promise a fast resolution and priority attention.

100% Project Success Guarantee

With ClipCall VIP’s 100% Project Success Guarantee, you can be sure we’ve got you covered. As long as all interactions stay within ClipCall we are able to record and monitor every transaction. With the ClipCall VIP guarantee you are covered up to $10,000. Isn’t it nice to know we’ve got your back?!

Learn more about ClipCall Guarantee 

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100% project success guaranteed

Up to 10% off any project

Free financing

Discounted emergency services

Free home inspections

Preferred customer status

Personal account manager