Cancellation Policy


By ClipCall for Customer Delay. Each Customer agrees that if a Project is not completed or is materially delayed due to the acts or omissions of Customer (e.g., missing parts, materials, etc. that the Customer was supposed to supply, or Service Provider is denied access to the job site), then ClipCall at its option may elect to release the Service Fees (in whole or in part, as determined by ClipCall), to the Service Provider. In the event that ClipCall determines that a release of the entire Service Fee is warranted, the Customer nevertheless will be required to resubmit the Service Request and secure an alternate Service Provider to have the Project performed.

Cancellation by the Customer. If you, the Customer, wish to cancel a Booking, please contact the Pro you hired to cancel and notify our team in our Live Chat Support. For a full refund, cancellation must be made at least 24 business hours prior to the Project start date stated in the final Quote (“Project Start Date”). Full refunds are still subject to the 3% processing fee. If you cancel the Booking less than 24 business hours prior to Project Start Date, we will charge a 10% cancellation fee based on the total Service Fee of the Project. For example, if total fee is $250, we will refund you $225 minus any discount you received. If you cancel the Project AFTER Project Start Date, we will charge your Payment Method the following: (1) 10% cancellation fee as described above; (2) materials/parts cost incurred by the Service Provider, including any shipment or delivery fees for such materials or parts, at Service Provider’s option (in which case such material/parts purchased will remain in your possession and will be your property); and (3) 1/3 of the total Service Fee as set out in the Quote as compensation for the Service Provider.

Cancellation by Service Provider. If you, Service Provider wish to cancel a Quote, please contact the customer you are contracted with and notify our team in our live Chat Support. Your ClipCall Account may be suspended due to the following: (1) If you fail to show up without timely notification or cancellation of the Booking; (2) if you communicate with Customers outside of the ClipCall App, including without limitation, chats, calls, videos, and payments. You, the Service Provider, understand and approve us to charge your Payment Method to compensate the Customer for the following amounts: (1) $100 penalty for No Show on the Project Start Date, unless due to a force majeure event (such as war or strike, etc.); (2) $50 penalty for cancellation less than 24 hours before the Project Start Date; and (3) $25 penalty for late show of more than 2 hours from the Project Start Date. All of the above events will also affect your Service Provider Quality Score, and ClipCall may publish an automated review on your Account indicating that a Booking was canceled in such an event. Please contact our live Chat Support.