Get Your Home Organised in January


Alright! The holidays are over and you may have put on a pound or two extra. It’s time to shed those extra pounds and get your home organized, coz January is Get Organized month.



Every trip made by Santa to your home is sure to leave numerous gifts. Do a big roundup of all kids’ unused toys and donate them to a worthy cause. Time to declutter and donate!


Remove the Tree

Even as you safely pack your prized ornaments in boxes, remember you still have to get rid of the Christmas tree. Even though most cities pick up the trees if left on the curbside but you need to cut it down in half if it is more than 6 ft tall. It is a challenge considering the removal of the tree must be done without leaving a mess.


Remove the decorations

Holiday-specific outdoor decorations like light-up candy canes need to be stored. And yes it’s time to deflate the Santa balloon on the porch and the holiday lighting without putting your back out!  

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January 5, 2018

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