Joe Customer & The Leaky Toilet: A True ClipCall Story

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Joe Customer had a leaky toilet and his new tenant’s move-in date was just a month away. Joe brought in a pro to fix the toilet. Pro Schmoe came in, did half the work, got his payment with promise of rescheduling, and disappeared.

Sound familiar?

Mr. Customer then found ClipCall! Excited to try it out he submitted a video and… Voila! A pro was ready to come by and take a look. The new pro, Pro Bozo, didn’t put a quote through the app, however. He told Joe to just pay him cash. Joe Customer thought, “what could be the harm?” So he agreed and Pro Bozo finished the work.

Did everyone walk away happy? No!

A day later Joe found out his toilet was leaking again and called Pro Bozo to come and fix his work. Pro Bozo disappeared! He was hard to get a hold of and eventually refused to come back.

Joe Customer has to hire someone new, again.

The lesson here?

Had Joe booked with ClipCall, he could have called in to Customer Success and filed a dispute, all the while knowing his money was safe in escrow and the pros, Bozo or otherwise, wouldn’t have seen the money until Joe was completely satisfied and approved transfer.

Unfortunately, the real Joe paid twice and will probably have to pay a third time before that new tenant has a working toilet. 

ClipCall is the only company out there that owns the process end-to-end
Starting when you submit your request, all the way through communication about details and logistics, booking and then payment – ClipCall is there every step of the way. Because of this hands-on approach we are involved with every claim and every dispute. We are there to see it each project through and make sure everyone walks away happy.

ClipCall is the only company that escrows your money until you’ve approved payment transfer
Once you book a pro through the app your money gets set aside in escrow. Which means your money is held and the pro doesn’t get a single cent until we have check in with you after the work has been completed to hear how it went and get your approval as to whether we may transfer your money to the pro or not. If the pro never showed up, we don’t transfer. If the pro came and did half the work but needed to reschedule the rest, we don’t transfer payment. Unless you say go for it, we don’t transfer money. It’s just that simple.

ClipCall is the only company that guarantees your project’s success 100%
By keeping track of every step and having all interactions and communications, including quotes and payment, recorded through our app we are able to provide extreme value all centered around your project’s success.

So, leave the Schmoes and the Bozos behind and ClipCall your way to improved  home improvement.
ClipCall: Improving Homeowners’ lives and guaranteeing the success of your home projects!
March 28, 2017


Good story now ..
How can clip call help the contractor when The tables have turned.
If the contractor completed his part of the job completely and the owner still don’t want to pay????

Hi Sal
Great question! We do the exact same for our pros. We are here to make the market more trust worthy and more reliable for ALL. Pros included. By keeping all communication in the app we are able to stand by our pros and protect them in cases where customers are just being difficult. Money is set aside in escrow for everyone’s benefit. Pros are also able to claim disputes against customers for rightly owed payments. We are here to provide protections and guarantees for all our users, consumers and professionals alike!

Check out our Pro Blog for more resources on how ClipCall works for you, as a professional in this line of work.

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