100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your referred pro, we will send out another pro or give you your money back up to $10,000.
Terms and conditions apply.

Get the Quotes Without the Hassle

  • Show them the task with a recorded or live-stream, short video
  • We give you the prompts to explain the issue clearly
  • Get fast feedback and clear quotes from top service providers

Connect With Ease

  • Avoid playing phone tag and long waits for quotes
  • Find the best service professional in your area that want to work with you
  • See all quotes and offers in one place and hire the best fit for you

Simple, Streamlined Management

  • Choose your pro and track task completion from start to finish
  • Pay securely through Clipcall only after the job is verified as done
  • Never lose a contract, invoice or receipt again